Finding My Prince Charming (Finding My Prince Charming #1) by J.S. Cooper

Finding My Prince Charming (Finding My Prince Charming #1) by J.S. Cooper

Can a Playboy Prince ever be tamed?
When Lola Franklin decided to study abroad she never anticipated embarking on a whirlwind weekend romance with a hot guy before classes started.
And she certainly never counted on the hot guy being her new professor. Or a Prince. Or the biggest asshole she had ever met.
Xavier Van Romerius is the playboy Prince of Europe and he loves his life. He doesn’t do relationships, and never wants to get married. But when he see’s Lola Franklin flirting with his little brother Casper, he realizes that maybe he needs to rethink his ideas about love before the wrong Prince gets the girl.

My thoughts (Roxana):

Like in Rhett's case the prince charming is anything but... charming, but here comes the good side his a royal one, and I'm not speaking figuratively. Let's start with the beginning, shall we?

Lola Franklin is student from abroad who just wants to study and lead a normal life with friends and maybe even find her Prince Charming, even though she doesn't believe in true love. Yes, she's a walking contradiction. But she's also one sassy, tough cookie who doesn't let people walk over her that's way she's crossing swords with Xavier Van Romerius, a guy she can't stand, but she can't help to find herself drawn to him. So this is the moment when a tango between those two begin...

But not all is milk and honey, because like I already said Xavier is a jerk used getting what he wants ad to treat women even worse than Rhett if that's possible. Neither Lola is an inocent flower. Oh no, she gives him Hell every time they met and it's often, because Xavier is not only a Crown Prince, he's also her professor. Yep... you heard me right... he's her professor so that's bound to bring them problems if their affairs come to light. But fortunately for Lola it was just a one-night stand, right?

She finds against their atraction, but it's hard to do it, no pun intended, when Xavier is so decided to get in her pants! And his one a hot, amazing, funny jerk- seriously it was so funny watching him how he thought that he's the master of this world. 

But underneath of all his bad layers, there is a soul who would love to protect, care, possess with every fiber of his being for Lola, but he can't let that side come out because he's the Prince of Romerius, and a prince doesn't submit to any woman. Yes, he has to get a lection about how to treat a woman...

I'll admit I wasn't been his number one fan but I also loved him because he's that kind of character to inspire a love-hate emotion in readers. I know that some people really hated him, but I was charmed with this arrogant, conceited and funny jerk, so I think you should give him  a chance to prove himself.

But, please keep in mind that this story is a short one, so don't expect the drama going lengths and lengths with it, so is really short, sweet, somewhat with angs and sexy with two heroes who goes from strangers having a one-night stand to souls trying to find each other as soulmates...

Final Decision: Even though this is short, almost like a novella, it's full of feelings and romance. Some romantic stories starts with a simply look. Others start during a friendsip. But some starts with in inapropiate one-night stand that evolves in so much more, even if the couple is not ready to be swept of their feet, that's when troubles begin and sometimes you just got to let it go.

My Rating: 4,5/5

About the Author:

J. S. Cooper is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She is a true romantic that is in love with love. The J. S. stands for Jaimie Suzi. She just thought J. S. sounded cooler! J. S. was born in London, England and moved to the States at age 17. She studied history in college and then went to law school and then decided to follow her writing dreams. J. S. writes ‘New Adult’ contemporary romance books because that is what she also loves to read.

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