Review: Wait for you by J.Lynn aka Jennifer L. Armentrout

                                                            Wait for you
                                    by J.Lynn aka Jennifer L. Armentrout 

Translation: Cristina Jinga
Brooch format,
ISBN: 978-606-93565-3-1
 J. Lynn
          EPICA / EpicLove / 17 years / Contemporary Fiction /        Romance EpicLove - New Adult Fiction
          # 1 on New York Times e-book bestseller list
         # 2 on the New York Times print and e-book
        # 5 on USA Today
        # 1 on Amazon

This is the book you've been waiting to read since "Fifty Shades of Grey and "Easy"


Some things are worth to wait for ... 

Going thousands of miles from home to enroll in college is the only way how nineteen year old, Avery Morgansten can escape what has happened five years ago at a Halloween party, which changed her life forever. All she has to do is arrive on time to classes, to ensure that the bracelet on the left wrist is in place, to not attract attention to herrself and never can - God forbid! - make some friends, because without doubt this wouldn't be a welcome change. The only thing that does not need and she didn't thought is to arouse the interest only guy that could shake her fragile future which it builds for herself.

Some things are worth trying for...

Cameron Hamilton -1.90 inch of  male,that can make you pass out, complete with a pair of shockingly blue eyes. And with a remarkable ability to make Avery to want things that she had thought to be been abducted irrevocably. She knows that she should stay away from him, but Cam's maddeningly presence in every place, with his charm with his clever banter and that crazy dimple in his cheek, that make you want to ... eat it. To mess with him is dangerous, but you could no longer think that's possible to ignore the seething tension that sparks off whenever they are around each other, he makes it come out of her hiding side, about she had no idea that it exists.

Some things should never be silenced ...

But when Avery begins to receive threatening emails and calls they compel her to confront a past she wanted it buried, she has no choice but to acknowledge that there is someone who is not allowed to forget that night when everything changed. When the devastating truth will come out,this time one that you can't just escape it with only a scar? And, will Cam be there to help her out of the woods, or be dragged into the depths with her?

And for some things, it's worth fighting for ...


Another brilliant title,and frankly, I had read many spectacular books (at least the last month) - I have not been annoyed (too much), I have not argued with the characters (not too much) and I enjoyed the imagination of writers (oh, yeah-all the worlds that I've visited were fascinating!)
But back to the topic-I really wanted to post this review before the book will appear on the Romanian market (from 5 February you can have it in your library!). Why?

Well, because it is a formidable title, whom I adored and which I wholeheartedly recommend it...
In the start of the novel, we meet Morgansten Avery, a cute girl, but very sad,because she had many experiences that were ... terrible - I do not want to go into this controversy, because I would destroy the charm of mystery in this novel ...

So ... we have Avery-a shy, but a determined girl that want's to take the reins of her destiny and to no longer let the ghosts of past run her life-easier said than done - but I have a girl determined to start a new life and so we come rushing on the steps of the plot. Avery moved from Texas (although she was born in Ohio) in the town, something more cooler, West Virginia (Lux series and Cursed, remember anyone?) - In this place, she is preparing to go to the astronomy class, but she delays and thus is how she hits a wall, just not a real ... wall-yep, you guessed it's a boy "1.90 of male inch that could make you pass out, complete with a pair of shockingly blue eyes", Cameron Hamilton, who manages to intimidate, and to 'awaken' her sexually (do not think bad things, ladies!) so that our girl, for the first time, she's facing the attraction for a stranger, but Avery has more pressing issues,like if she could risk and appear before the entire class, along with an unknown, but attractive stranger or flee from the crime scene? - unfortunately, it is not time that she could face whispers and rumors, more or less innocent about her late presence, so she decides to run ...

But a few days later, Avery meets, by chance, the tortoise, Raphael, which, the poor thing was abandoned in uncharted territory, because of 'Senor Fucktard', Ollie, one of Cam's friends and so Avery discovers that it is not so easy to escape Cameron Hamilton (this time, it's the showcasing plot in my opinion) ....

Since they're colleagues in the same class (and a they become partners in the same  class's project), Avery is slowly approaching Cam, or rather vice versa, because Cam never-never gives up! Although Avery refuses continuously when he invites her to go out on a date with him, he never gives up and, every time, he never fails to bring a smile on her lips (or mine!) of how Cam randomly invites her when you least expects it, in fact, practically, it becomes a sort of game between those two to see if he can get her on the wrong foot and thus to,( finally!) accept his invitation, but Avery is careful and does not accept so easily, especially since, it seems that she's not only one in the love life of Cam,because Stephanie, a former 'fucking buddy', that doesn't resign so easily with her former title, especially because it becomes clear that Cam is not gives her any attention, at least not the attention before Avery appears on stage. And this is how they start a game of passion, and none of them, Cam and Avery, doesn't want to give up, but they both feel a strong attraction to each other. In addition, during this whole time, it seems that the past does not want to stop haunting Avery and I say this because she receives many messages and calls offensive and shocking, if we consider the behavior of Avery ...

I admit, there were many scenes that I was impressed... like the breakfast scene with the two of them, in Avery's apartment, or in the tower scene where she confesses to never have dated a boy, or the scene at the Halloween Eve's party when a stranger boy shouldn't have been grabbing her and than she reacts violently, which causes Cam to react violently at the scene and that's how we discover that both of them have dangerous secrets ....

Another strong point of the novel was how the author balanced romance with friendship, fun and romantic drama, because you feel like you're in a roller coaster, in a moment you felt the adrenaline flowing through your veins and, in the same time, causing your mind to find a way of telling the characters to stop doing stupid things, and in the next moment, you're laughing with tears because of their sarcasm and wickedly mind games. A brilliant mixture, so typical, but unique fact to expect from.... Jennifer L. Armentrout.

What bothered me was that her secret was not so 'secret'-I mean I suspected what happened on Halloween's night, five years ago, BUT, what I suspect is how had that tragedy affects them and Cam's secret that was almost as terrible as that of Avery- I must admit that I didn't have the slight idea of who's calling Avery and terrifying her ...

The narration is done in first person, from Avery's perspective and the reader lives with such an impact the emotions of the main character's agony in the manner so characteristic of Jennifer L. Armentrout- I have to warn you, this book contains some events- not PG rated, so read at your own risk ...


Avery-a shy, cute, smart, funny, she is one of the main characters of this novel, but also the narrator's story. Avery lived a terrible drama several years ago, but before that time, she was the popular girl, the one who spent time with friends, at parties, but it was also one of the best dancers of her class. What scandalized me most was that drama she went through, that would not have happened if her parents would've been more concerned about her happiness than their own social position. For instance, on the night that changed her existence, Avery's mother chose her 'outfit' and encouraged her to attend, although Avery didn't have the slightest idea of what to expect. Another reason for my disgust of her parents was that when the hell broke loose, and the consequences that followed, her parents were horrified by what their 'friends' will believe than their daughter's safety and tranquility. They did not want to interfere with a psychologist, even when the situation was serious, but did they do that? No! They, actually tried to manipulate their daughter to keep her silence about the truth-simply put out, these characters do not deserve the title of 'parents'. ..

However, Avery, becomes stronger and finds a way to escape the prison named 'home' and meets Cam who slowly manages to convince her to get out of her 'shell' so that she learns that life and the people are not just black and white ...

Cam is a cute, handsome, attentive, kind of boy who is adorable, funny and attractive at the same time-he's one of the main characters of this novel. Cam has had a turbulent past, that changed and turned him into the boy that he is today. What many of you do not know is that Cam was a rich boy, used to get any girl he wanted when he wanted, but an important event changed him completely, and despite flirting with every that moves, he is not only a Casanova and meeting Avery reinforces this maturing process ...

Jacob and Brittany, Ollie and Jase-Well, I can tell you about them that they are the best friends of Avery and Cam and in drama's times of the couple, their friends are the only ones who can help them move forward. In addition, many moments of fun and chaos was provided by their friends, as you can see if you read the quotes ...

Final Verdict - "Wait for you" is a novel that teaches us that we change permanent, but the essence remains the same whatever-  the soul- doesn't changes and remains the same even though the challenges a person has to pass. A novel that teaches us that we all have the right to a second chance, a chance that should not be wasted so easily. A novel about friendship, loyalty and love first. A novel about life and growing up ...

My Rating: 5/5


“I'm beginning to think cookies is a code word for something else."

"Maybe it is." He tugged on my bag again as he took a confident step back, forcing me down another step. "And just think about it. If cookie was a code word, whatever it symbolizes, it's been in your mouth, sweetheart.”
“Leaning back against Cam's chest, I tipped my head back and I reached up, cupping his cheek. I drew his mouth to mine and kissed him softly. "Thank you."

His lips curved up on one side. "For what?"

"For waiting for me.”
“You've been checking me out, haven't you? In between your flaming insults? I feel like man candy.”
“As long as the sun’s shining, shit can’t be that bad.”
“And this must be Avery?"

"Oh, God, no," Cam said. "This is Candy, Mom."

His mother's eyes widened and a bit of color infused her cheeks. "Uh, I'm..."

"I'm Avery," I said, shooting Cam a look. "You had it right."

She spun around, smacking Cam across the arm. Hard, too. "Cameron! Oh my God. I thought..." She smacked him again and he laughed. "You're terrible.”
“I didn't know what to say, but my heart was racing as he slid his hands down to mine. He placed them on his chest, right above his heart. "I have hope," he said, his gaze never leaving mine. "I have hope because I love you-I've been in love with you, Avery. Probably before I even realized that I was."

"You loved me?"

Cam dropped his forehead to mine and his chest rose sharply under my hands. "I love you."

My heart stuttered. "You love me?"

"Yes, sweetheart.”
“The moment we stepped out into the hall, Cam's apartment door flung open. Ollie appeared, a cellphone in one hand and Raphael wiggling in the other. "Smile!" he shouted as he snapped a picture on his phone. "It's like my two kids are going to prom.”
“My brain was telling me this was a bad idea and I told my brain to shut the fuck up, because it rarely told me anything helpful.”
“Fuck, Avery. You think I don't want you? There's not a single part of you that I don't want, you understand? I want to be on you and inside of you. I want you against the wall, on the couch, in your bed, in my bed, and every fucking place I can possibly think of, and trust me, I have a vast imagination when it comes to these kinds of things. Don't ever doubt that I want you. That is not what this is about.”

“I want to be here with you, Avery. You don't have to worry about impressing me or wowing me. You've already done that.”
“We are your friends. It is the law of friendship that you tell us things you don’t want to tell us.”
“People got out of the way for Cam. He was like a hot Moses, parting a sea of drunk college students.”
“I’m a shallow, shallow boy. Hey, it helps that you’re pretty. It brings out the nice guy in me. Makes me what to share my cookies with you.”
“I’m confident enough in my masculinity and sexuality that I can say that Ryan Gosling is just dreamy in this movie.”
“Guess what, Avery?"

"What?" I wondered if he could see how fast my heart was beating beneath my shirt.

"Remember how you just said you were having a good time?" Cam lowered his head so that our mouths were scant inches apart. "It's about to get better."

"Is it?"

He shifted his head and his nose grazed mine. "Oh, yeah."

"Are you not going to kiss me again?"

His lips tipped up. "That's exactly what I'm going to do.”
“Cam was already on his feet, waiting for me. I arched my brow at him. "Following me?" "Like a true serial killer," he replied.”
“Whoa," Brit breathed, handing my drink back to me. "That was..."

"Really hot," Jacob finished. "I thought you two were going to rip off each other's clothes and start making babies right here on the dirty, beer covered floor. Like I was going to have to start charging admission for what was about to go down.”
“You’re a good guy, Cam.”
“No, I’m not.” He exhaled deeply and his breath was warm against my cheek. “I’m only good with you.”
“Everything okay?" Cam asked, placing his hand on my lower back. Concern pinched his brows.

"Yes." I dropped my cell back into my bag.

Everything was okay. Maybe not perfect, but life wasn't meant to be perfect. It was messy and sometimes it was a disaster, but there was beauty in the messiness and there could be peace in the disaster.”
“You are really…”
“Amazing? Awesome?” He paused, brows raised. “Astonishing?”
“I was going to go with bizarre.”
“Well, hell, if I had feelings that might actually hurt.”
“I'm skipping, but Cam doesn't have a class until this afternoon, so he's a good boy."
"And your a bad boy?"
"Oh, I'm a bad, bad boy."
"Yeah, as in bad at spelling, math, english, cleaning up after yourself, talking to people, and I could go on.”
“So I was thinking we should skip tomorrow, stay right here and watch shitty movies all day."

My first response was to say I couldn't skip a whole day's worth of classes, but as I met Cam's mischievous gaze, I said screw it. "That's a brilliant idea."

"I know, right?" He tapped his head. "I'm full of great shit."

"Yeah, you're definitely full of it..."

“He raised his brows. "You're drunk." "Am not!" He gave me a bland look. "A drunk's famous last words before they fall flat on their face.”
“We have to stop meeting like this."

And that was the truest thing ever spoke. I needed to stop staring at his bicep... and chest... and tattoo. Never thought the sun could be so... sexy. Wow. This was awkward.

"You running over me, me almost running over you?" Cam elaborated. "It's like we're a catastrophe waiting to happen.”
“Within a few short hours, he nearly had me agreeing to try deer jerky for the first time. Almost. If it weren't for Cam continuously whispering "Bambi" in my ear every couple of minutes, I would've caved.”
“I want you, Cam.”
“You have me,” he groaned. “You so fucking have me.”
"What are you up to?"
"Nothing. Everything."
"Those are two opposite things."
"I know. Kiss me?”
“She jerked her hand back and shot me what could only be described as a 'bitch' look. Frankly, it was a fucking work of art and I was sort of jealous of that level of mastery.”
“Did last night really happen?" One side of his lips tipped up, and my chest swelled. I'd missed that smile. "Depends on what you think happend." "I took my shirt off for you?" His eyes deepened. "Yes. Lovely moment.”
“Warmth slid through my veins as my body tensed in a welcomed, delicious way.

My eyes fluttered shut as his lips brushed mine once and then twice, as if he was getting reacquainted with the feel of them. The slight, barely there touch was nerve racking.

Cam shifted his weight onto his left arm and with his other hand, he spread his fingers along my cheek. He placed a kiss to the corner of my lips and the other side before sliding his hand back around the nape of my neck. His lips moved along my jaw, trailing a fiery path to my ear. A shiver danced along my skin, eliciting a deep, husky chuckle from him. His lips pressed against the sensitive spot under my ear, and a moan crawled up my throat.

“Goodnight, Avery.”

And then he kissed me—kissed me like he’d had right before he’d left the night of our date. Kissed me like he was a man starving for oxygen and I was the only air he needed to breathe. The hand around my neck held me there, raised up on my elbows as his mouth devoured mine. And that was the only word I could use to accurately explained how he kissed me.

Cam devoured me.”

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